The Bob Rivers Show, July 31 – Part 2

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Pope’s top 10 list to be happy; Bad news for Boeing employees; Kaci live on Q13; Patrick Peterson on Richard Sherman; Charles R Cross in the studio; Buddy Rich’s secret tapes; Sex toys tester; Bob’s garage Goodness; News. Talking bees

The Bob Rivers Show, July 30 – Part 1

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Last 8 days of the show, Bob keeping his glasses for Keith; Kenny Loggins and the Blue Sky Riders; Bob has knee problems; Bob throwing first pitch at Safeco; Bob and Seafair; New Eric Clapton; Bob throwing first pitch; Martha

The Bob Rivers Show, July 30 – Part 2

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Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver; More Primus; Reading texts; DJ’s talking about Bob; Sounds you probably won’t hear again; Viral videos of the day; Discussing aliens; Beyonce and Jay-Z at Safeco Field; Technology we can’t live without; Formula to know what

The Bob Rivers Show, July 28 – Part 1

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Marshawn Lynch holding out; Talking about Football; Bob went to whaling days with Heart by Heart; News on the monorail; Talking about vasectomies; More homeless because of legalization of marijuana: Thieves scamming travelers during vacation; King 5 in the studio;

The Bob Rivers Show, July 28 – Part 2

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More about Bob’s big announcement; Amazon’s bad reviews; Jean Enersen calling the show; Olivia de La Cruz performing live on the show with a special song for Bob

The Bob Rivers Show, July 29 – Part 1

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Olivia de la Cruz’s song for Bob; Talking about our future; Show tease; News; New Tom Petty; Larry King; Jim Carrey as Jack Sparrow; Talking about life expectancy; Bob signed for the Hikeathon; Random facts; An extra month for Bertha

The Bob Rivers Show, July 28 – Warm-Up Show

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Drinks of Summer and wrestling

The Bob Rivers Show, July 25 – Part 1

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Bandit is depressed; UW coach Chris Petersen on QB Cyler Miles; Getting Joe a new dog; How much money do you need to make to feel happy; Good and bad news for Amazon; Robb Alvey a Roller Coaster expert; Marshawn

The Bob Rivers Show, July 25 – Part 2

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Morgan Freeman on Bees; Comedian Tony Rock; Rolls Royce are selling more than ever; Who’s got the most expensive cars; Weird Al number 1 album in America; Americans choose Italy as the number one country to travel; A guy got

The Bob Rivers Show, July 24 – Part 1

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Teasing Super Jam interview; News; Pot news; More Black people arrested with pot charges in Seattle; News; What do you want your kid to do; Twisted Tunes block; Thomas the Tank voice quit; Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons; More twisted tunes; Coffee

The Bob Rivers Show, July 24 – Part 2

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Justin Bieber accused of cutting in line; Lebron James apologized to his neighbors; Britney Spears line of lingerie; Talking Facebook; Movie genres that didn’t have a hit; Tricks to remember people’s names; Spike was embarrassed by something about Baltimore; News;

The Bob Rivers Show, July 23 – Part 1

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Taylor Swift on the I-Heart radio contest; Talking to our intern Josh; Hash oil explosions; Jay-Z and Beyonce breaking up; Arrange Marriages; Hit songs not sung by lead singers; Buying online domains; News; Water bills

The Bob Rivers Show, July 23 – Part 2

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A new study has found that people who use verbal ticks like “um” and “uh” are actually more caring and thoughtful than people who don’t. Dumbest reason for pulling over to the shoulder; Pedro and Luciana’s pool; Andrew visiting the

The Bob Rivers Show, July 22 – Part 1

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Stairway to heaven; Obama visiting Seattle; New YES album; Taking picture of babies; Early days of the internet; More pay raises this year; Joe as a politician; Ted Nugent got cancelled for racist views; Kim Kardashian and Kanye have a