The Bob Rivers Show, July 22 – Part 2

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Top 10 best jersey sales; Buying Seahawks tickets; Seahawks fans want to build a Richard Sherman statue; Krusty the clown; Richard Sherman and Crabtree; Toyota van’s new device; New Weezer; Philip Seymour Hoffman didn’t leave any money for his kids;

The Bob Rivers Show, July 21 – Part 1

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I-90 bridge debacle; World Biggest city; Spike’s daughter back from NY; Payphones in NY into WIFI hotspots ; Bill Gates’ favorite book; Number 1 movie in America; 105-year-old throws first pitch; News; Impalers and Butternut played over the weekend

The Bob Rivers Show, July 21 – Part 2

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Single Seahawks tickets go on sale today; Bob bought a new product from Kickstarter; Cake batter in a spray can; George Takeo on William Shatner; Betting on your kid to be successful; Microsoft back in the news; Impalers future shows;

The Bob Rivers Show, July 18 – Part 1

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Fires in Eastern Washington; I-90 bridge closure; Shows to watch this weekend; Teasing interviews; Are there any good news out there? Cheap Trick performed at Snoqualmie; News; Johnny Winter passed away; Mama Sherman; Paul McCartney on the Simpsons ; News

The Bob Rivers Show, July 18 – Part 2

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Twisted Tune; Most endangered jobs; Comedian Jay Pharaoh; Misogyny in country music; Tesla has a new car out; Joe’s car loves him; Bob playing in Bend Oregon; SNL members that made the most of money at the Box office; News;

The Bob Rivers Show, July 17 – Part 1

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Johnny Winter passed away last night; Talking about delivering to your house; The average American family has 24 electric gadgets; How did you make the paper? Joe and Spike would like to teach kids; Brian Ray Paul McCartney’s guitarist; Starbucks

The Bob Rivers Show, July 17 – Part 2

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Romanian Princess arrested; Training cab drivers; Comedian Gabriel Iglesias; Malaysian Airliner shot down; News; New Lays flavor; Small penis or big house? New Beatles movie; Rick Robinson of the Black Crows performing live

The Bob Rivers Show, July 16 – Warm-Up Show

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Talking about the interview with Weird Al

The Bob Rivers Show, July 16 – Part 1

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Teasing interviews with Weird Al, Pat O’ Day; and Brian Ray; Timing bathroom breaks; Weird AL, More on bathroom; I-90 lanes closure; Talking about hot weather; News; Joe’s wife helping Joe with technology; Talking about pot; Talking about old twisted

The Bob Rivers Show, July 16 – Part 2

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Mariners twisted tunes; Woman spent $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian ; Hillary Clinton with Jon Stewart; Pat O’ Day; Twisted Tunes about the Mariners; Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray; French schools have condom dispensers; News; Rock Genius

The Bob Rivers Show, July 15 – Part 1

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The Fixx to perform on the show today; Using the internet for the doctor; MLB All Star game; Flushing awesome ad; Tillamook Cheese vans have been recovered; Bob’s brother is in town and wanted to buy pot; People tend friends

The Bob Rivers Show, July 15 – Part 2

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Weird Al new album; News; Beau Phillips author of I Killed Oink Floyd’s Pig; Food that makes you happy; People are working more hours; jeans mauled by animals; Americans eat 22 hotdogs average; Golf courses closing; The Fixx performing live

The Bob Rivers Show, July 14 – Part 1

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Sons of Thunder performing live on the show; Impalers playing in North Bend; Lebron going to Cleveland; Zack Danger Brown on his $70,000 potato salad kickstarter ; Talking about soccer; Favorite wedding song; Talking soccer; Emily is in Europe; Joe

The Bob Rivers Show, July 14 – Part 2

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How old is the fax; Jobs for young people; Monkey Parking and Leaf banned; Lebron back in Cleveland; News; What makes you happy; Emilio Castillo of Tower of Power; News; Eldridge Gravy and the Supreme